4,444 Brews Mingling on the Blockchain

ETH.r Brews is the FIRST 3D generative, interactive NFT project for beer enthusiasts, and your universal access pass connecting you to a global network of brewery partners.

All About the Brews!

  • The Collection

    Each brew grants you access to rewards programs from out network of partners. Benefits include: free beer when you walk in the door, discounts on merch, early access to new releases, exclusive tours of the facilities, and more!

  • The Differentiator

    This isn’t just another avatar project. By minting the 3D GLTF data, collectors will be able to interact with their Brews directly, and engage with them in a host of AR/VR applications.

  • The Possibilities

    Each Brew is unique and randomly generated from a library of possible traits, including eyewear, headwear, mouth accessories, backpacks, and more.